About DynaBits


DynaBits is now out of business. Read its story, achievements and my personal (bitter) thoughts about this defunct startup.


  • 1999/2 Ph. Guglielmetti starts his own business as a consultant for technical software (LabView, Matlab, …)
  • 1999/6 reseller of MSC Working Model (Visual Nastran)
  • 1999/10 first contact with SolidWorks through e-Systems
  • 1999/12 purchase of source code of the “ToolSuite” from ShapeSolve ltd.
  • 2000/3 becomes SolidWorks “Solution Partner”
  • 2000/6 start of development of GeniusWorks.
  • 2000/11 SolidWorks purchases CimLogic and its Toolbox, killing all other partner library products
  • 2001/1 US provisional patent granted on GeniusWorks technology
  • 2001/2 GeniusWorks demonstrated at SolidWorks World in Orlando, FL
  • 2002/2 SolidWorks World Las Vegas, NV
  • 2002/3 DynaBits sàrl incorported. partners : Ph. Guglielmetti, e-Systems and F. Georgeon
  • 2002/10 4 people working full time.
  • 2003/1 SolidWorks now offers ToolBox in their “Office” bundle almost for free.
  • 2003/6 GeniusWorks doesn’t sell. Running out of money, back to the single man-company…
  • 2003/9 SolidSketch released
  • 2004/3 cadML and cadDoc released
  • 2004/3 consulting and development for famous swiss watchmakers
  • 2004/9/1 Business taken over by e-Systems

the Bottom line

Developing CAD add-ins is fun, but definitely doesn’t pay back because:

  • reliability standard is high, so are development and support costs.
  • resellers are not interested in selling add-ins, unless they are required to win a market against a competitor.
  • users don’t purchase, and even don’t search add-ins direct on the internet. If they do, they use your shareware without paying.
  • CAD editors integrate your good ideas (or your competitor’s) in their core product. “Partnerships” are really asymmetric. See some proos below:


  • SolidPlus (2004) (called SolidSketch in 2003) add-ins for SolidWorks : wraps a sketch on a surface (very limited in SW 2004), Multiple sweeps, 3D curve-driven patterns (very limited in SW 2006)
  • Many various Macros for SolidWorks developed over time, often as responses to requests on the comp.cad.solidworks newsgroup.
  • TableWizard Hole Table (1999) 4 years before SolidWorks implemented the same functionality in SW 2004. Is now specialized for watchmakers needs.
  • MathSurf and SketchFile macros to create mathematically defined curves and surfaces
  • Contact macro to keep 2 parts in contact while moving and create a relative position table that can be used for CAM.
  • UltraLight (2001) speeds up work with large assemblies by creating configurations with small features and parts suppressed, and sub-assemblies replaced by “shrink-wrapped” sufaces. SW2003 introduced the “save assembly as surfaces”…
  • GeniusWorX (2001), an intelligent library of standard fasteners with automatic insertion capability based on a much more advanced technology than Toolbox. SW 2006 introduces Smart Components, which can adapt their size to the geometry they’re dragged onto, 4 years after GeniusWorks …
  • GeniusExplorer (2003) a library browser that embeds the feature palette functionality in the feature/property manager. SolidWorks 2005 now offers exactly the same functionality.
  • RedLight (2003), add-in to block rebuilds and account time spent in editing and rebuilding each model. SolidWorks 2005 introduced a way to block assembly rebuilds…
  • Spliner (2003), a SolidWorks to display length of selected segments, curves and edges in the status bar. SolidWorks 2005 has an improved “measurement tool” that offers exactly the same functionality, except that it doesn’t update the length of a spline while being edited, as Spliner does.
  • and much more…

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