This blog was started by P. Guglielmetti in 2007. As of 2013 it is run by Keith Rice of CADSharp.com.

About Keith Rice

I am a SolidWorks API trainer and consultant. My journey with the SolidWorks API began in 2009 after I started playing around with macros while I worked as a technical support engineer for a US-based SolidWorks reseller. In 2011 I started CADSharp.com in order to provide SolidWorks API training and custom programming for the SolidWorks community.

About P. Guglielmetti

I’m a professional computer engineer and experienced software developer. I started programming addins for SolidWorks in 2000, became a “SolidWorks Solution Partner” and then worked as Consultant for e-Systems, a swiss VAR, developing many custom applications for demanding customers like Patek Philippe. (Read the story here.) In this blog I’ll share with you some of my experience which will hopefully help you.


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