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This macro exports parts and (simple) assemblies to Alias OBJ format, generating a corresponding MTL material file at the same time. This will evolve towards an exporter to Hyperion soon … Advertisements



SolidWorks macro to organise segments from an imported dxf/dwg by color on layers Imagine you get a large dxf or dwg which has been colorized by hand, without using layers. This macro will let you edit the drawing cleanly in SolidWorks, by placing all segments with the same color on specific layers.



Macro to resize the model view for screen captures Saving your models as pictures for documentation ? Then you know the problem : the images will have 912×534 pixels one day and 1143×712 the day after. If you don’t want to edit your images in a second step, here is a macro that sets the […]



Solidworks macro to add mass/weight custom properties for cut lists If you want to list weights of welded parts in a cut list, you’ll have to add properties to weldments by hand, one by one … Here is a macro that does it automatically.

Scale Texture


SolidWorks Macro to adjust texture scale to configurations sizes If you need to adjust the material texture to many different sizes (configurations) of a part, here is a macro for you: